New Patient In Office Treatment- 2 Hours $120.00

This is a two hour comprehensive appointment including an Acupuncture
Treatment, Herbal, Nutritional and Lifestyle Consult, as well as a
detailed Patient Interview. The Patient interview will cover all body
systems as well as any current health and wellness concerns you may
have. This interview enables the practitioner to discover the root
cause of the patient’s Chief Compliant. When we treat from the root
cause perspective we not only treat the main symptomology but often
times we also alleviate other issues and imbalances within the body.

Return Patient In Office Treatment- 1-1.5 Hours $90.00

When using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal and
repair disease and imbalance in the body, we are taking a natural
approach that has little to no negative side affect. While a natural
approach is very effective it does generally take a course of
treatments to provide the desired effect. The amount of time and
number of treatments will vary depending on the individual and the
issue at hand. The course of treatment will be discussed in the
initial visit. Follow up treatments will include a full Acupuncture
Treatment as well as any necessary follow up regarding herbal,
lifestyle and nutritional aspects of treatment.