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About AJ

Amanda Joy (“AJ”) brings over a decade of experience in the wellness field to her practice, as a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist & Herbalist.  The mission of A Joyful Heart Healing Arts is to empower people through nurture, nature, and knowledge.   Bringing attention to the natural world as a means to wellness, she facilitates The WellBeing Co-op through Hearts & Sol Wellness, providing monthly presentations, workshops, and artisanal apothecary and body goods.  Her training includes various psychology and exercise science courses at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, and the We Are All Farmers Permaculture Institute.

Hundreds of hours of continuing education and work experience in a variety of settings have allowed AJ to incorporate a wide range of theory and technique into her work.  She has worked in a Healing Arts School, Spa & Wellness Center, Chiropractic Office, as well as her own Private Practice.  Correcting postural distortions through Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Massage Cupping often bring long term, lasting results for clients.  Regarding her work, she states, “Alleviation and education lead to correction.  It is my goal to alleviate discomfort, educate on prevention and correction, and provide practical solutions to apply to your life… assisting each client in working towards a more aligned integration of spirit, mind, and body, sustained by the earth.”

Amanda Joy lives in Oak Island, NC with her sons, Jake & Max.  Gardening, hiking, and knitting are among her favorite activities, as well as enjoying good food and music.  Poetry is a passion of hers, and she attempts to live each day as a poetic expression of love and gratitude.