Justin Stiffler

About Justin

Justin Stiffler is a North Carolina Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Justin has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2008, when he graduated with his Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. During his Internship Justin gained vast experience in Pediatric and Geriatric Health, while participating in Integrative Medical Groups at both Rady Children’s Hospital and Hospice of San Diego. After Graduating Justin began working as a Lead Acupuncturist in the cruise ship industry, for Steiner Leisure Limited in their On Board Spas. During his two years with Steiner Justin came to appreciate their innovative approach to using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbals to provide Holistic Integrative Health Services to ship patrons through a combination of treatment and patient education. During his time at sea Justin successfully treated thousands of patients with a broad scope of issues, ranging from Sea Sickness to Back Pain to the common cold.

After returning to San Diego and before moving to North Carolina in 2014, Justin worked under one of the leading Orthopedic and Women’s Health Acupuncturists in San Diego for several years. Justin strives to teach each patient how to protect the good health they have, while at the same time providing them with the tools necessary to become the healthiest person they can be. Each patient is carefully guided through a combination of Integrative Health Practices including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, along with Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling.

Justin works to have a detailed understanding of each individual patient, in order to create a custom treatment protocol that is unique to each patient and the way that individual’s body functions.